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Monte Vista is beginning the process of becoming a No Excuses University. 

Our Kindergarten class has chosen to represent the United States Naval Academy for the future College Class of 2034.

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Anchors Away Video

Monte Vista's Student Pledge

We are Monte Vista Bobcats,     Glad to do our best!                   We are respectful and responsible,  up to any quest.   We welcome any challenge,       Showing that we care.               We always work together           For a future we will share.         We are Monte Vista every day!

Our Mission at Monte Vista

Our mission is to ensure student success as collaborative, responsible members of society by inspiring them to reach their full intellectual, physical and emotional potential.

Our Vision at Monte Vista

Our vision at Monte Vista is to ignite a love of learning and a sense of curiosity in all students.  We will promote academic achievement through high expectations and develop problem solvers who are technologically proficient.

Our Values at Monte Vista








Mrs. Doyle

Welcome to Kindergarten!  Future College Class of 2034


Welcome parents and students to Mrs. Doyle's Kindergarten class!  


Students will be able to read and write sentences.

Students will be able to recognize colors and describe their environment using color words.

Students will be able to recognize plane and solid shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, cube, cone, sphere.

Students will be able to write and count to 100.

Students will be able to count by 2's, 5's and 10's.

Students will understand numbers 0-20



Practice your reading with                  

the following websites:

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   username: adoyle16                                  

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In order to access ST Math you must follow instructions in the links below:


Check out these websites!

Starfall               PBS Kids         San Diego Zoo 

Learn to Type  (fun typing for the little ones)

Brain Research:  Brain Gym Research

Brain exercises:  Brain Gym Exercises  Five Little Monkeys Exercise   Hokey Pokey Exercise

D.A.R.E to say no to drugs video

Wonderopolis            FunBrain         LeapFrog

National Geographic for Little Kids    

National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic Young Explorer

NGA Art Zone         Spatulatta Cooking for Kids

Free Reading Websites!

Story On Line        Read to Me     We Give Books    Puzzle Me Words

Online Storytime     ABCYa     

Learn Math!

Counting and Cardinality     Operations and Algebra    



kids stars cartoon.jpg You did it!   Congratulations to students for meeting their Alphafriend's Sounds Goal.


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ABC's, Sounds and Words

Learn About the Common Core