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Rehearsal Schedule

Please click here for Rehearsal Schedule. Students who miss more than 3 rehearsals may be removed from the enrichment program.All parents of participants must sign the participant agreement

Rehearsal Songs and Scenes

Please have you child practice songs at home. 

Beauty In the Beast General Information

We are so excited to announce our next Monte Vista theater production of Beauty and the Beast. Like last year, this will be an after school enrichment program! Due to the great success of and participation in our last play, we anticipate an even larger number of students interested in participating. We have decided that we need to hold auditions. We wish we could take everyone, but fear that we will have somewhere around a hundred auditioning. We are including a QR code on this form with three songs that students can choose to sing for auditions. Please help your child practice the song many times before auditioning. They may select one of the three songs. We will and will be singing about 1 minute of the song. We are looking for lots of expression and personality. Some roles require great singing voices. For some others, we are looking for character.

We have attached a separate QR code on this form that will take you to a document to sign up for auditions. Please put your child’s name on the schedule at a time that will work for you. There will be no supervision before or after the audition, so be prepared to arrive with your child and take them home right after. For the regular rehearsal schedule, students will stay after school and you will only need to arrange for pick up. Auditions will be held on Monday, September 18th and Tuesday, September 19th. After the audition is over, we will let you know if we would like to call your child back to read for a specific role. If so, we will send the lines home on a script that they will practice for callbacks. If your child is not called back to read, it doesn’t mean they have not been cast, it just means we do not need to hear them read for a specific part. Callbacks will be on Wednesday, September 20th.

After the callbacks, by Sunday, September 24th, we will call to let your child know they have been cast. If your child doesn’t get a call by Sunday, the 24th at 7pm, please let them know how proud we are of them for auditioning and that we will be doing another show next year, and strongly encourage them to come back and audition for us again.

Being part of a theatrical production is an important commitment. Just like in sports, or any other group activity, your castmates are like teammates. Rehearsals will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays through the end of March. Your child may not be needed at every rehearsal. If cast, we will provide a more detailed schedule. If you are not at rehearsal it affects all of the other actors who are in the scene with you. By accepting a role in the show, you are committing to being at every rehearsal, unless we are previously informed. Actors cannot miss more than three rehearsals throughout the whole production. If there are more than three absences, students may be removed from the production. If there are serious extenuating circumstances, we will consider them on a case by case basis.

Parents must also ensure us that they will pick up their child on time from every rehearsal. Both directors have families and children that have pick up schedules too. If you are late, it affects us personally.

Lastly, cast members are expected to be well behaved at all times. We like to cast as many kids as we possibly can, but aren’t able to produce a great production if we are being interrupted with monitoring student behavior. Parents will be notified if a problem arises. Depending on the severity of the event, we hope that we will be able to then give them a second chance. Consistent behavior issues will result in the child being removed from the production.

We hope that you will go over all of the expectations with your child and let them know that by accepting a role, they are making a commitment to attendance and behavior guidelines.

If your child is cast, we will be having a mandatory parent meeting to answer any questions and go over expectations. One of the things that made our last production such a great experience was the commitment and involvement of parents. We were so grateful for the many people who stepped up to help. Monte Vista has parents with amazing and diverse talents that really contributed to the experience.

We have included a complete rehearsal schedule so that we can be notified about any important conflicts. Please look over the schedule before your child auditions.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns about the program.

Thank you!


Allison Brown
Ashley Luckow
Cecilia Cruz
Show Liaison
(760) 726-0410 ext. 57008
Please direct all questions to Cecilia Cruz, Show Liaison

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