Rules: All of our classes use the same rules and are rewarded with a hand stamp at the end of the day if they are following the rules.

  1. Listen when someone is talking.
  2. Follow directions quickly.
  3. Raise my hand for permission to speak.
  4. Keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
  5. Make smart choices.

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Homework is a beneficial part of a child's education. It will help children develop good study habits, teach responsibility, and reinforce skills taught at school. Homework will give parents an opportunity to see what learning is happening at school and to help strengthen their child's skills while helping their child with organizational skills. Children in TK and K should spend approximately 10-15 minutes on homework each evening. In addition to homework assigned by your classroom teacher, children should be read to and/or read for 10-15 minutes on their own. We thank you for the support you provide your children at home with their learning. Working together, we can support all children in their journey to academic success.


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Monte Vista is pleased to host a transitional kindergarten program (TK). Transitional kindergarten is for those children who turn five years old between Sept. 2 and Dec. 2. The TK curriculum focuses on kindergarten readiness skills, vocabulary, and social and emotional development. Children in TK will enter kindergarten the next school year.


This year we have one Transitional kindergarten class and four kindergarten classes at Monte Vista! These classes will be all day and will be in school the same hours as our first through fifth graders. Mrs. Robinson is our Transitional kindergarten teacher. Kindergarten teachers are Mrs. McBain,  Ms. Kuhl and Mrs. Tambur. We will work together to meet the needs of all our students in transitional kinder and kindergarten.

We will focus on implementing the Kindergarten Common Core standards and new district Units of Study and Performance Assessment tasks. In addition to the Common Core standards each TK/Kindergarten class will receive 30 minutes of music and art instruction each other week taught by specialty teachers. Classes will also visit the school library once a week and the Innovation Lab once a week.

We want each child to leave kindergarten with:

  • The ability to respect and work cooperatively with others.
  • The ability to listen and follow directions.
  • The ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Developed gross and fine motor skills.
  • The self-confidence to be problem solvers and independent workers.
  • A positive self-image.
  • A love of learning