Nutrition Services

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The cafeteria is open before school and during lunch. Nutritious meals or a-la-carte items are available. Students needing financial assistance may apply for a free or reduced meal program. Applications are available at the school office or online.


Children may purchase breakfast each day from 7:30 am to 7:55 am.

The cost is $1.00 which includes a beverage. Milk and juice may be purchased separately for $.35.

If students miss breakfast before school, they may also purchase a "Second Chance Breakfast" during morning recess time.


Children may bring a lunch from home or purchase a hot lunch prepared by district personnel.

Lunch costs $2.50 including a beverage. Milk and juice may be purchased separately for $.35.

Children must pick up their own lunch.

All food must remain on campus.


Nutritious snacks from home are encouraged as morning energizers. The snacks should consist of fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers, etc…

Cookies, chips, sweets, and soda are not considered nutritious as they are in the Extra food group.


Food that has not been prepared by a licensed food vendor is not to be brought for serving during school hours for the students. (California Health and Safety Code 28571). Any food prepared in the classroom, i.e., as part of the curriculum is acceptable, under the teacher's direction. Food for class parties must adhere to this code and the VUSD Wellness policy (Board Policy 5040) and must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Students may not be offered homemade food. Parties may not include cookies, cakes, or cupcakes. Be creative!


The VUSD Wellness policy (Board Policy 5040) must be followed. Birthday celebrations are at the discretion of the grade level team and will be decided on by the grade level. Parents wanting to celebrate a child's birthday should not bring cupcakes or cake to school. Acceptable food items include popcorn, frozen 100% fruit bars, frozen yogurt, animal crackers, graham crackers, Goldfish, fudge bars and fruit. Parents can also celebrate with party favors such as pencils or a book donated to the class. Please note: all birthday celebrations must be prearranged with the teacher.


Monte Vista uses state of the art identification equipment to ensure that no one other than your son or daughter can purchase a meal through their school meal account. This new form of technology uses a finger and its image to uniquely identify your son or daughter. This image of your child's finger gets converted into a number which is then encrypted and stored. The encryption process guarantees that your son or daughter's finger image cannot be used to identify them in any other way and is not stored in our system. This form of identification is called Biometrics, which literally means, measurements of human characteristics. Your son or daughter is the only person who can purchase a meal using their school meal account. This system protects them from losing an I.D. number or sharing that number with other students.