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First Grade

Class of 2034


In first grade we strive to embody our Monte Vista leadership values.  


First graders are proactive when they are accountable for their own actions and their own learning.

First graders begin with the end in mind when they set goals for themselves.

First graders put first things first when they are productive and participate in class.

First graders think win-win when they use kind words and actions.

First graders seek first to understand when they use their listening skills and respect others.

First graders synergize when they collaborate to accomplish a task.




The First Grade Code of Conduct

1. I will be trustworthy.

2. I will be respectful.

3. I will be responsible.

4. I will be fair.

5. I will be caring.

6. I will be a good citizen.



First Grade Wish List

  • non-rolling backpack
  • plastic pencil box (5" x 8")
  • glue sticks (package of 4)
  • 5" scissors (preferably Fiskars)
  • box of 24 Crayola crayons
  • Dry Erase markers

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